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Why choose high grade humic acid as raw material for formula fertilizer?

2020/07/22 10:29:34

More and more fertilizer manufacturers have introduced their formula liquid fertilizers, some of which contain humic acid. However, the following problems were discovered during the selection of raw materials:

  • 1) Low Water saturation of humic acid.

  • 2) Low pH and humic acid produce precipitation.

  • 3) Hard water reacts with humic acid to precipitate.

  • 4) Humic acid can't compatible with NPK.


As a fertilizer manufacturer, have you encountered these problems?

Don't worry, our HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 solve the above problems for you!

Advantage of HumiTime® Supreme Star 700:

  • 1) Low pH stable quality

HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 can be dissolved in acidic aqueous solution with pH=1.5. The solution will not produce precipitation.

20% HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 solution When pH = 4, the solution flowability is normal and no flocculation or precipitation occurs.

  • 2) Higher saturation

HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 can be made into a high-concentration humic acid liquid fertilizer containing humic acid 700g/L. It does not form jelly when stored for a long time and there is pourability.

  • 3) Wonderful Hard-water resistance

ps.:Standard hard-water (CaCO3=0.342g/L)  

HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 is with excellent anti-hard water ability, it can be wildly used in different water source, and it can be used by drip irrigation and leaf spray. It does not block the nozzle. Small - molecule humic acid is easy to be absorbed and with high utilization rate.

  • 4) Excellent compatibility with NPK

HumiTime® Supreme Star 700 is with good compatibility, it can mix with NPK and some medium and trace elements, and it is convenient to make liquid fertilizers in various formulations. It is an excellent raw material for formula fertilizers.

If you are interested in high-quality humic acid, please contact us.