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How to quickly identify whether your seaweed fertilizer is good?

2019/07/17 16:24:00

Now there are more and more farmers using seaweed fertilizer, more and more seaweed fertilizer producers appear on the fertilizer market, the quality is good or bad, how to quickly judge whether your seaweed fertilizer is good or bad? Only limited to hydrolyzed seaweed fertilizer (the most common species on the market).

1) Field experiment.

This is the best way. But the experiment period is long.

2) Laboratory testing ingredients.

This is also a very good method. In fact, QFG encourage my clients to carry out the test, which is the most objective and scientific method to explain the algae fertilizer content. Can detect alginic acid, mannitol, amino acids, biostimulants, etc. The content of fake seaweed fertilizer is very low. This method takes a long time, and each country may have different detection methods, and even some substances are difficult to detect.

Today QFG will introduce two rapid detection methods.

1) Anti-hard water detection.

Use a little seaweed fertilizer to dissolve in tap water, or water with high calcium and magnesium ions. After standing for a few hours or a few days, if the seaweed fertilizer of poor quality will precipitate and flocculate. Long-term use of such algae fertilizer will clog the drip irrigation and spray system.

2) Water solubility detection.

Add seaweed fertilizer in 1 liter of water until it becomes a paste. If the seaweed fertilizer is not good, its water solubility will be very low, even lower than 100g / 1L. A good algae fertilizer will be higher than 300g / L, and it is a free flowing liquid!

The above two methods can quickly detect whether the algae fertilizer is good or bad. If these two detection methods are not effective, it basically means that your seaweed fertilizer quality is not good.

Of course, the above two methods are limited to rapid detection. The most scientific and objective method is to conduct laboratory tests and field tests!